He giveth wisdom unto whom He will, and he unto whom wisdom is given, he truly hath received abundant good. But none remember except men of understanding.

Al- Quran 2:269 Al-Baqara

In Search of


in the Modern Age

A Year of Study & Reflection

یک سالہ حلقہ علم و فکر

Journey begins 12th September 2020

The Journey consists of Six Topics spread over a period of nine months, plus a three month 'final project'.

Classes to be held - online - twice a week.

Course of Study

1. The Islamic Intellectual Tradition 

Meaning, Purpose & Transmission

of Knowledge

(With Focus on the Sub-Continent)

Dr. Amjad Waheed

2. Art & Contemplation

The Function, Principles & Practice

of Traditional Art & Architecture  

Kamil Khan Mumtaz & Taimoor Khan Mumtaz

3. Forgotten Aspects of Islam 

'Grammar of Love in the Quran' - Aspects of Quranic Arabic,

Pearls of Wisdom from the Sunnah, Hadith & Kalam 

 Syed Uzair Abdullah Qadri & Hamid Reza Fazil

4. Approaches to Reality

Philosophers & Philosophy

Sufism & Sufi Masters

Syed Uzair Abdullah Qadri & Hamid Reza Fazil

5. From the Divine to the Human

The Modern Age - The Reign of Quantity & the Era of the Machine

Kamil Khan Mumtaz & Taimoor Khan Mumtaz

6. Tales of Wisdom

Selections from Attar, Saadi, Rumi & Others  


Taimoor Khan Mumtaz: MA PRASADA, Leicester, UK; BArch NCA Lahore. Taimoor Khan Mumtaz practices architecture in Lahore, and teaches metaphysics, geometry and Islamic Architecture at Hastoneest and various other institutes. View:

Syed Uzair Abdullah Qadri: A traditional scholar of Arabic, Quranic Exegesis, Philosophy and Mysticism, Uzair Abdullah teaches at various madaris of Punjab. Listen to a Lecture

Hamid Reza Fazil: A traditional religious scholar of Arabic, Quranic Exegesis and Islamic Law with special interest in philosophy & metaphysics. Listen to a Lecture

Dr. Syed Rizwan Zamir: Ph.D. University of Virginia. B.A . James Madison University. Area of Islamic studies, specializing in Islamic thought and spirituality. He is currently an Associate Professor at Davidson College, NC, USA.

Kamil Khan Mumtaz: is an architect in private practice in Lahore. He was trained at the Architectural Association, London in the 1960's after which he returned to Pakistan to practice and teach. He was Head of Department of Architecture at the National College of Arts, Lahore between 1966-1975. He has been a member of several architecture juries and has widely lectured in Europe and Asia. In 1985, he authored Architecture in Pakistan, a Concept Media Publication.

Dr. Amjad Waheed: Ph.D.Comparative Civilizations University of Punjab. Ex - Director School of Advanced Studies, UMT, Lahore.

Listen to a Lecture


For online courses, the basic requirements are a laptop/desktop computer, a hands-free and a stable internet connection.

Online course begins Saturday, 12th September 2020 

Course days are likely to be the weekend, with evening timings of one hour and a half each day.

To  Apply : Send in Course Title, Applicant Name, Academic Background, Email Address & Whatsapp number on or on 03008493170 with a short paragraph on the reason for applying.


A hybrid of platforms is used for teacher student online engagement - Zoom, supported by Whatsapp groups.

Time differences are worked out if applicants are from different time zones, and adjusted with the class students and teachers in mind. 

Reading and reference material, including supporting uploaded class recordings are shared via Email/Dropbox/Whatsapp, or mailed by courier or post.

Reminders and intimations of sessions, timings, group meetings, fee payments etc. are shared via a whatsapp group.


The course fee is PKR 4000 per month.

Full term fees (A Term is Three Months for this Course) is to be paid by the 10th of the first month of each Term. The payment can be made by cash or crossed cheque in the name of the trust 'Baytunur'; bank-to-bank electronic transfer, or Western Union.  

فہرست مضامین


علم کی اسلامی روایت

مقاصد و ترسیلِ علم 

  ڈاکٹر امجد وحید


جمال  ۔  ہنر و فن

اصول و ضوابط

 کامل خان ممتاز تیمور خان ممتاز


اسلامی روایت  کے اوجھل پہلو

 گمگشتہ حکمت وشخصیات

 سید عزیرعبداللہ قادری  حامد رضا فاضل 


حقیقت شناسی کے اصلوب و زاویے

  فلسفہ و عرفان 

تصوف و صوفی شیوخ

 سید عزیرعبداللہ قادری  حامد رضا فاضل 


خدا پرستی سے مادہ پرستی تک کا سفر

 دور حاضر کے بنیادی عقائد اور ان سے رونما ہونے والے نتائج

 کامل خان ممتاز تیمور خان ممتاز


حکایاتِ حکمت