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 تعارفی دروس برائے منطق

Six Week Study on the Story and Skill of Reasoning


Critical Thinking: The Art of Reasoning

Danish Baloch

Course is scheduled to begin Tuesday, 5th February 2019; 
Application Deadline is Saturday, 2nd February2019

The program will be conducted in Urdu, تدریسی زبان . اردو, and is suitable for beginners to the subject. There is limited online provision (via Skype) for applicants living outside Lahore.



جس کسی کو اپنے بیان میں خامیاں اور دوسروں  کے بیان میں اچھائیوں کی تشخیص کا شوق ہو ان کے لیے یہ کورس مفید ہے ـ۔یہ کورس مبتدیوں کے لیے موزوں ہے - 

The course on critical thinking is to help students understand the general pattern of thought. Through such understanding one can distinguish  between justified and unjustified belief, in other words weak and solid belief

Format: Lectures/Seminars conducted in the classroom and online.  


The program duration is six weeks, with sessions held twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The class timings are 3:00 to 5:00 pm, consisting of two sessions with a 15 minute break in between. A total of 12 days. Course material will be provided and class activity/assessment may comprise of readings, written assignments, presentations, and class discussions.


Academic Qualification: Intermediate (Minimum)

Age: 18 Years +

Language: Urdu, English.

Selection Interview of Interested Applicants

Program Fee:  PKR. 4000/(Rupees four thousand only).

Concession for students.

How to Apply:


Interested applicants should send in their names, cell number and email address to hast.o.neest@gmail.com with a short paragraph stating their reason for joining this program.​

Queries can be forwarded on hast.o.neest@gmail.com/0300 8493170



The course will cover the following: Meaning, Nature and Purpose of belief, which is also known as Semantics of Belief. Method for proving a justified belief or justification of belief. Lastly, how one attains to true belief through this method.

  1. Semantics of Belief

    1. Fact and Belief

      1. Distinction between factual world and the world of our beliefs

      2. Signification of Beliefs

    2. Belief and it’s Believer

      1. Voluntary and involuntary belief

      2. The nature of the believer of facts

    3. Existence, Being and their assertion

      1. Existence

      2. Being

    4. Name and referents of name

      1. Naming

      2. Reference

    5. Categories of Belief

      1. Genus and Species

      2. Particular and general beliefs

      3. Different and Similar beliefs

      4. Relations

      5. Quantity and Quality

    6. Prior and derived beliefs

      1. Prime Belief

      2. Prior Belief

      3. Deriving a belief from other beliefs

      4. Contradiction: Absolute derivable belief

      5.  Tautology: Desired belief

  2. Method of Defining Truth in our Beliefs

    1. Argumentation

      1. Statement and term or name

      2. Relation of Premise with conclusion

      3. Demonstration

    2. Four types of Statements

      1. Negation

      2. Disjunction

      3. Conjunction

      4. Conditionals

    3. General Types of Arguments

      1. Justification of Belief

    4. Fallacies in Belief

      1. What makes belief unjustified?

  3. Difference between Knowledge and Belief

About the Teacher:

Danish Baloch is a philosophy graduate from FC College with an interest in history, literature and the traditional arts. He teaches philosophy and Islamic Geometric Patterns at Hastoneest.

Danish is also a student of classical music, and a member of the Hastoneest Ensemble. 


Note: Reading Materials will be given during the course