The Quest for Knowledge Series

 تعارفی دروس :علم الکلام - اعتقادیات

Six Week - 12 Days Study on the Story of Ilm ul Kalaam


Matters of Religious Creed - 1

Foundational Arguments of 
Belief in the Theology of Islam

with reference to the text Al-Fiqh-ul-Akbar by Abu Hanifa & other sources


Rehan Gillani

Course is scheduled to begin Tuesday, 26th February 2019

The program will be conducted in Urdu, تدریسی زبان . اردو, and is suitable for beginners to the subject. There is limited online provision (via Skype) for applicants living outside Lahore.

اہداف /Objectives


اس کورس کا بنیادی مقصد عقاید کی اس الاساس یا بنیادی عمارتی ڈھانچے کی تیاری اور اس کی پختگی ہوگا 

فروعی مسایل اور اعتقادات زیر بحث نہیں ہوں گے

مبادیات علم الکلام ,ایمانیات یعنی توحید، ملائکہ ، کتب ، رسالت، آخرت، تقدیر، قبر و حشرعقلی و نقلی ادلہ کی روشنی میںجدید فکری مطالعہ


1. Introduction to the fundamental arguments of belief amongst the Maturidi ماتريدي (Samarqand) and Ashari الأشعري (Iraq) in the10th Century

2. Introduction to  عِلْم الكَلام or 'science of discourse' ; the science which is concerned with firmly establishing religious beliefs by adducing proofs and with banishing doubts' (from the Mawaqif of al-_dhi, 8th/14th cent.); the discipline which brings to the service of religious beliefs ('aqa'id) discursive arguments; which thus provides a place for reflexion and meditation, and hence for reason, in the elucidation and defence of the content of the faith. 

3. Introduction to the basic fundamental beliefs amongst Muslims of all Schools of Thought.

4. A discussion on Fundamentals/Basics of Ilm ul Kalaam/Belief in Oneness, Prophecy, Angels, Holy Books, Day of Judgement, Destiny, Life after Death

اس تعارفی کورس میں مبادیات علم الکلام اور معتقدات اسلامی کا مطالعہ شامل ہوگافروعی/مسلکی مسایل و اعتقادات زیر بحث نہیں آئیں گے 


متن Primary Text
الفقہ الاکبر از ابو حنیفہ نعمان بن ثابت
Al-Fiqhul-Akbar by Abu Hanifa

Format: Lectures/Seminars conducted with power-point presentations in the classroom and online.  


The program duration is six weeks, with sessions held twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The class timings are 5:30 to 7:30 pm, consisting of two sessions with a 15 minute break in between.. A total of 12 days. Course material will be provided and class activity/assessment may comprise of readings, written assignments, presentations, and class discussions.


Academic Qualification: Intermediate (Minimum)

Age: 18 Years +

Language: Urdu, English.

Selection Interview of Interested Applicants

Program Fee:  PKR. 4000/(Rupees four thousand only).

Concession for students.

How to Apply:


Interested applicants should send in their names, cell number and email address to hast.o.neest@gmail.com with a short paragraph stating their reason for joining this program.​

Queries can be forwarded on hast.o.neest@gmail.com/0300 8493170

About the Teacher:

Syed Muhammad Rehan-ul-Hasan Gilani is currently pursuing his PhD. in Islamic Studies from the University of Lahore. He has secured Gold Medal in Ash-Shahadatul-Aalamiyyah Fil Uloom Al-Arabiyyah wal-Islamiyyah and 1st Position in BS (Hons) Arabic from Minhaj University Lahore. He is also Adeeb Arabi and Alim Arabi from Darul-Uloom Muhammadiah Ghosiah, Bhera. His fields of interest include studies on Molana Rumi, Allama Iqbal, Said Nursi, Naat and Ilahiyat (Islamic Philosophy).

Literary Works

1. Impact & Influence of Night Journey of Prophet in Urdu Naat (Research Thesis M.Phil. Urdu).
2. The Quranic Illusions in Masnavi Manavi Vol: 1 (MA Thesis, Arabic).
3. Wisdom in the Poetry of Ali Ibn-e Abi Talib (BS Thesis. Arabic).
4. LIfe of Molana Rum (Research Article, Published in Tulo-e-Meher).
5. Nursi's education in Pakistan (Article Published).
6. Work of Bediuzzaman (Article Published).
7. Review on various books of Islamic Studies (Published in Monthly Zia-e-Haram).
8. Research and indexing of Tehrer-us-shahadateen (Published).
9. Poetry, Naat, Manqabat (Published in Magazines).
10. Ayatul-Kubra (book by Said Nursi)/ Translation from Turkish to Urdu (Published)
11. Munajat (book by Said Nursi) /Translation from Turkish to Urdu.
12. 23rd Word (book by Said Nursi)/ Translation from Turkish to Urdu.
13. Introduction to Risal-e-Nur/Translation from Arabic to Urdu (Published).
14. Kalimat Quarterly Magazine (Editor, Founder).
15. Farogh-e-Naat Quarterly Magazine (Co-Editor).

سرگرمیاں: Activities

( 1 ) حفظ متن Memorization of Text/
( 2 ) سوالات Question Answer Session/
3( مختصر منطقی معمہ جات ( Logical Puzzles & Cross Questioning/

عناون /Outline Topics

( 1 ) ایمان /ارکان ایمان Belief and basic beliefs/
( 2 ) علم الکلام ؛تعارف اور مبادیات Ilm-ul-Kalam; Introduction and Basics/
( 3 ) الفقہ الاکبر؛ تعارف متن و ترجمہ Alfiqh-ul-Akbar; Introduction and translation/
( 4 ) معتزلہ، اشاعرہ، ماتریدیہ، حنابلہ/ظاہریہ/امامیہ Mutazila, Ashaira, Maturidi, Hanabila, Zahiria & Imamia /
( 5 ) توحید Tawheed/ Oneness/
( 6 ) ملائکہ Angels/
( 7 ) قرآن و دیگر کتب Quran and other Holly Books/
( 8 ) رسالت و رسل Prophecy and Prophets /
( 9 ) آخرت Day of Judgement /
( 10 ) تقدیر/ خیر و شر Destiney and Good and Evil/
( 11 ) بعث بعد الموت / جنت و دوزخ/ قبر Life after death/ Heaven and Hell/Death/Grave
( 12 ) قیامت /مغفرت و شفاعت /معجزات و کرامات Last Day/ Forgiveness and Shafaa/ Miracles /