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Introduction to Islamic Philosophy by Ustad Hamid Reza Fazil 

اشاعت ھست و نیست

کتاب,عنوان: مقدّمة  اسلامی  فلسفہ

مصنف: اُستاد حامد رضا فاضل

Copyright 2018 Hast o Neest; Hamid Reza

اُستاد حامد رضا فاضل

Ustad Hamid Reza Fazil is a traditional religious scholar of Arabic, Quranic Exegesis and Islamic Law with special interest in philosophy & metaphysics. He has been teaching philosophy and metaphysics at Hast o Neest for six years.

Part One of the book by Ustad Hamid Reza Fazil is available for reading online.

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Wisdom for the Modern Age

Commentary on the Eleventh Contentions by Dr. Timothy Winter

Pakistan Edition 2019

published by Hast o Neest

Price: PKR 490/-

Pages: 176 (Hardbound)

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Dr. Timothy Winter - Abdal Hakim Murad, is a British convert and the Dean of the Cambridge Muslim College; a Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cambridge University.  His work includes publications on Islamic theology and Muslim-Christian relations.

He was educated at Westminster School and graduated with a double-first in Arabic from Pembroke College, Cambridge in 1983.[13] He then went on to study at Al Azhar University in Cairo [3][13][15] and further private study with individual scholars in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.[3][12] After returning to England, he studied Turkish and Persian at the University of London.

The (100) Contentions or aphorisms - shortened words of wisdom - provoke and prod the understanding and practice of the Muslim in the Modern Age, necessitating reflection and reassessment of faith today.


The book is printed on recycled Pakistani paper, and hand bound by traditional book binders of Lahore in an effort to have an environmentally conscious publication that supports traditional craft. There may be visible imperfections in the production of the book. 

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A series of videos of Dr. Winter and of sittings and reviews of the book held at Hast o Neest are uploaded on the Hast o Neest YouTube channel.

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