Fundamentals of Geometry as Art

Through the miniature illustrations of Shahnama Firdausi

Danish Ahmad Baloch

Course begins Sunday, 7th April 2019

Objective: This course is aimed to introduce foundational principles of symmetrical geometric designs, particularly as used in different forms of art throughout the Islamic world, and generally in other traditions.


The course will be useful for those students who are interested in the Islamic tradition of painting for book illustration, that is, miniatures.


The course will also teach students to understand geometric patterns used in two illustrated manuscripts of the Shahnama of Firdausi Tusi, which were made for Muhammad Juki in 1444 and Shah Tahmasp in 1540. With the help of these manuscripts, we will learn how they used geometric patterns, the arches and the way they described stylized architectural space.

Course Outline:

1st Month: Fundamentals of Geometry through compass

2nd Month: Four/Eight-fold geometric patterns

3rd Month: Three/Six-fold geometric patterns – I

4th Month: Three/Six-fold geometric patterns – II [Twelve sided patterns]

5th Month: Combinational patterns of Four-Three-Six sided geometric patterns

6th Month: Understanding arches and stylization of architecture

7th Month: Each student will select an Image from the Shahnama and will recreate the geometric elements of the image.

Course Methodology:

There will be one class in a week - Sundays only, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. In class, we will introduce different geometric designs, and students will have to follow and recreate them. There will be assignments/mashq/practice, which is compulsory for the course.


Art background is not a requirement.

Minimum 18 years of age. 

Those who cannot give time for mashq are not eligible!

Applicants should be prepared to work with a compass and ruler!

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Danish Ahmad Baloch teaches Islamic Geometric Patterns and Philosophy at Hastoneest. He is a philosophy graduate, and is interested in history, literature, traditional arts and classical & folk music.

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Fee Structure: PKR 6000 per month for adults. PKR 4000 per month for students.