2-Day Live Conversations on

Balochistan's History, Culture & Heritage

[Main Image: A wise Baloch elder predicting times to come by looking at an animal shoulder bone. Image Courtesy: Shahabuddin Baloch]


Saturday & Sunday

6 & 7 June, 2020


9:00 am to 6:00 pm

on the Lok Virsa Facebook Page &

the Hast o Neest Facebook Page 




Lok Virsa لوک ورثہ - National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage

Two - Day Online Conversations - مکالمہ - on Balochistan’s History, Culture & Heritage

  • Opening avenues into Balochistan’s culture, appreciating & understanding its traditions, and the impact of modernity

  • Featuring esteemed Scholars, Artists & Conservationists of Balochistan, representing its Brahvi, Baloch, Pashtun & Hazara communities.


  • Dr. Barkat Shah Kakar

  • Dr. Sabir BadalKhan

  • Dr. Hafeez Jamali

  • Dr. Farzand Masih

  • Saifullah Nasar

  • Muhammad Panah Baloch

  • Arshid Baloch Ar.

  • Imran Shabbir Baloch

  • Bashir Ahmed

  • Naseeb Mazaar

  • Muhammad Ali Turani

  • Dr. Tahir Rasheed

  • Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Baloch

  • Mahina Reki

  • Esteemed Scholars, Artists & Conservationists of Balochistan, representing its Brahvi, Baloch, Pashtun & Hazara communities. 

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Program  پیش نامہ

Saturday & Sunday, 6 - 7 June 2020


Image: A Urial Wild Sheep of Balochistan. All three sub-species of Urial in Pakistan are listed as Endangered in by the IUCN's Capirane Specialist Group. WebLink


  • Dr. Amjad Waheed (Ex-Dean, UMT Lahore)

  • Dr. Abdul Rehman (Architect NCA, UET Lahore)

  • Dr. Jawad Hamdani (Farsi Literature & Language)

  • Syed Muhammad Mehdi Ar. (Architect NCA, GoP)

  • Junaid Alam (Physicist, GoP)

  • Qazi Azmat Isa (Philanthropy, PPAF)

  • Fiaz Ahmed Khan (Pushto Language, GoP)

  • Ali Habib (Ex-DG WWF Pakistan)

  • Taimoor Khan Mumtaz Ar.​ (Architect NCA)

  • Leenah Nasir (Writer, Lahore)



  • Dr. Amjad Waheed (Ex-Dean, UMT Lahore)

  • Shahid Sayeed Khan (CEO Indus Earth Trust)

  • Syed Faizan Naqvi 'Lahore Ka Khojji'

  • Fiaz Ahmad Khan (Pushto Language, GoP)

  • Dr. Abdul Rehman (Conservation Architect)

  • Shahabuddin Baloch (Horticulturalist)

  • Mahina Reiki Ar. (Architect NCA)

  • Syed Muhammad Mehdi Ar. (Architect NCA, GoP)

  • Esteemed Scholars & Conservationists in fields of South Asian History, Farsi & Pushto Language & Literature, Traditional Architecture, Heritage Conservation & Environment linked to Hast o Neest Institute of Traditional Studies & Arts.


  • Khadija Khosa (Public Policy Graduate)

  • Leenah Nasir (Writer, Lahore)

  • Saif Ullah (YouTuber, Balochistan: Land of Beauty)

Gwadik Tulips of Dasht..jpg
Image: Gwadik Tulips of Dasht, Balochistan.
(Image Courtesy: Shahabuddin Baloch)


Internet Links & Publications

on the Mukalama on Balochistan

(The bibliography will be updated on a regular basis)

Special Mention

Shahab ud Din Baloch

A Horticulturalist who promotes the

Culture of Balochistan on the Facebook Page 

Mighty Balochistan


Saif Ullah

Saif Ullah, a YouTuber, received his certification in movie making from International People College, Denmark and Post-Graduation Diploma in Project Management from MSM, Netherlands.

Through his YouTube channel,

Balochistan: Land of Beauty https://www.youtube.com/BalochistanLandofBeauty 

he makes short videos and travel vlogs on Balochistan.


The basic purpose of channel is show the diverse culture, cuisine, historical and tourist sites of the province, and to create awareness about the protection and preservation of the archeological sites in the province. showing the positive side of this region of Pakistan. With 243K subscribers and 19.9 million views it is one of the leading channels on Balochistan. 


Naseeb Mazaar

Naseeb Mazaar is a popular singer, composer, lyricist and folk artist of Balochistan. He learned Hindustani music from his brother Aziz Mazaar, and mostly through his own effort. He learnt Balochi classical music from his father, Pahlawan Mazaar Ibrahim one of the 21st century gem of Balochi classical folk music who contributed to the art for over 60 years. Naseeb started his journey of music from him since 10 years of age.

Hazargi Musicians of Quetta

Mehdi Foladi, LiaquatAli Khan & Friends

Sachu Khan

A legendary folk and semi-classical Suroz player of Pakistan, Sachu Khan is a towering figure in the local musical tradition. He started his career in the 1970s with Radio Pakistan Quetta. He has represented Pakistan with several folk troupes around the world.


A recipient of Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (1999) and Husn-i-Karkardagi (2015), Sachu Khan from Dera Bugti in Balochistan is known throughout Pakistan and abroad for his mastery over the sarod. 

Suroz is the Baloch variant of the Persian bow and string family of instruments. The musical instrument is primarily used to play traditional Balochi tunes, especially the folk tales such as the Hani Shah Mureed. The instrument is played with a bow on three strings, with the sympathetic strings used to adjust the tunes.

I grew up watching my maternal uncle playing the sarod. We lived in Sindh at the time. I liked the sound so I started playing it at the age of about nine. Seeing my enthusiasm my uncle started teaching me. After his death in 1970, Zaaro a singer who was a friend of my uncle, encouraged me and took me to Radio Pakistan Quetta for a performance. Unfortunately, he too died in 1980. By now I had made a name for myself and a famous singer Mureed Balodi and I teamed up, and we became quite popular.


Danish Baloch

Philosophy graduate, student and teacher

at Hast o Neest whose stories and knowledge of Balochistan, Baloch history and literature opened up a new world for the rest of the Hast o Neest team 

Shah Abdullah & Sajjad Ali

 for helping us out with 

representation of the Hazara of Balochistan.

The Lok Virsa Team

and Talha Ali Kushvaha

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Speaker Profiles


Muhammad Panah Baloch has published numerous research papers on Archeology, Traditional Knowledge & Baloch Society. He works as an Assistant Director at the Arid Zone Research Center, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Quetta. He also has a YouTube series on the History of Balochistan by the name of ‘Bunza’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peHrEshQEDU https://independent.academia.edu/PanahBaloch


Dr. Sabir Badalkhan teaches at the Department of Asian, African and Mediterranean Studies at the University of Naples "L'Orientale" in Naples, Italy.


Dr. Barkat Shah Kakar currently works with the Department of Pashto Univeristy of Balochistan, as Assistant Professor. He has been working as a researcher, training consultant and civic rights activist. Besides Pashtu Literature, his main areas of study include Peace per Pashtunwal, Cultural Studies,  Postcolonial Studies,  Multiculturalism,  and Oral History. Currently he is working on the Ethnographic Atlas of South_Pashtunkhwa, Northern Balochistan.


Imran Shabir Baloch is a Lecturer in Archeology at the University of Balochistan, Quetta.  He did his Master of Philosophy (MPhil) focused in Asian Studies/Civilization from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/imran-shabir-baloch-907560127/?originalSubdomain=pk

Dr. Hafeez Jamali is a scholar and civil servant whose research focuses on the effects of globalization and development on the livelihoods of marginalized communities. He holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently serving as Additional Secretary (Federal Projects) in the Government of Balochistan and is affiliated with CPEC Center of Excellence, Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering, and Management Sciences. His research focuses on the anthropology of globalization and development, the history of Indian Ocean Trade, and the politics of identity and place in Balochistan (Pakistan).

Dr Farzand Masih is Professor and Chair of History Department at FCCU. Dr Masih served in the Department of Archaeology and Museums Government of Pakistan on various positions.


Saif Ullah Nasar is a journalist and activist. He did his Master of Arts in Sociology & Social Anthropology from the Central European University. http://ceu.academia.edu/SaifullahNasar/CurriculumVitae 

Naseeb Mazaar is a popular singer, composer, lyricist and folk artist of Balochistan. He learned Hindustani music from his brother Aziz Mazaar, and mostly through his own effort. He learnt Balochi classical music from his father, Pahlawan Mazaar Ibrahim one of the 21st century gem of Balochi classical folk music who contributed to the art for over 60 years. Naseeb started his journey of music from him when he was 10 years of age.



Muhammad Arshad Baloch works as an architect in a private firm. He

completed his architecture degree from NED Karachi.







Bashir Ahmed is a date fruit merchant in Turbat, Balochistan.

Muhammad Ali Turani, Chairperson Hazargi Academy, Quetta.

محمد علی تورانی ہزارگی ادب کا معروف نام ہیں- آپ کیبلاغ آزرگی (ہزارگی اکیڈمی) کوئٹہ بلوچستان کے چئیرمین ہیں- ہزارگی کو بطور ایک زبان متعارف کرانے اور لینگوسٹک نقطہ نظر سے اس پر تحقیق کرنے کے علاوہ اس زبان کو ادبی شکل دینے کیلئے موثر اقدامات کئے- اسپلون ہزارگی کے نام سے پہلا ادارە قائم کیا- آپ کا شمار "منجی" نامی ادبی مجلے کی بنیاد رکھنے والوں میں بھی ہوتا ہے جو کہ پاکستان میں ہزارگی ادب کا پہلا نمائندہ رسالہ ہے- ہزارگی زبان پر اردو میں ان کے متعدد مضامین پاکستانی اخبارات و جرائد میں بھی چھپ چکے ہیں-16 سال سے ریڈیو پاکستان کوئٹہ کے ہزارگی پروگرام کیلئے اسکرپٹ لکھتے رہے ہیں- 

سال 2018 میں مزاحیہ نظموں پر مشتمل "اوجارلہ" کے نام سے ان کا ایک شعری مجموعہ چھپ چکا ہے- عنقریب ایک اور شعری مجموعہ چھپنے والا ہے- مزید براں تحقیق پر مبنی ان کی تین کتابیں منتظر اشاعت ہیں-

As a development practitioner with multi-disciplinary educational qualification in the fields of Anthropology, Rural Development & Forestry,  Dr. Tahir Rasheed possesses 29 years of professional exposure and wide range of experience in the field of water management, conservation, planning, development, project management and research in Pakistan. Based on his qualification and practical understanding of environmental and social issues, Dr. Rasheed has been involved in conducting a number of socio-ecological studies, developing policy documents (water issues of Balochistan, Development and Conservation Plans, manuals etc) and also provided professional input to WWF-Indo-China, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Kalpavriksh India in formulating Environmental Education Strategy, national report on Community Conserved Areas and Bio-diversity Action Plans accordingly. Simultaneously he has also been serving as a master trainer in the field of environment and development for governmental and non-governmental institutions.


His interests include water conservation, protecting bio-diversity, empowering grassroots organizations, and sustainable management of natural resources. He is concerned with the linkages between the environment and development and the way international negotiations affect indigenous communities.

Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Baloch is a professor of Political Economy and Dean Faculty of Management and Social Sciences at Lasbela University, Balochistan. He is a senior research fellow at Durham University Business School, Durham University, UK. He obtained MS in Economics and Finance, and PhD in Economics from Durham University, a prestigious British University. He authored 40 peer-reviewed Journal articles covering a wide range
of issues including fiscal decentralisation, poverty, inequality, political economy of resource distribution, dynamics of ethno-nationalism, conflicts, federalism and economic development in Balochistan. He has a strong interest on Liyari’s politics, internal conflicts and its consequences on socioeconomic profile of Liyari. He wrote extensively on China Pakistan Economic Corridor and its prospective impact on Balochistan and its
social and economic landscape. He presented his research work and delivered keynote lectures in numerous national and international conferences and seminars.

Mahina Reki is a lecturer in the Department of Architecture,  National College of Arts, Lahore. She graduated as an architect from NCA, Lahore and did her MSc Architecture from Gazi University, Turkey.  She is Baloch, and completed her initial schooling in Quetta before moving to Lahore for her B. Arch degree.

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